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Have an exceptionally interesting idea that you’d like to share with the fitness industry through the internet? We’d love to showcase your contributions on our website as a part of our daily publications. Here’s what you’ll need to understand to be another esteemed writer featuring on Health o’clock.

Our Articles

Most of our articles aim to inform and educate individuals on the current trends in fitness gear and specialized work outs. We also hope to provide original and valid content to our readers, preferring quality material on our website.

If you have any new information on topics ranging in fitness and nutrition, be sure to share your ideas on our website, we’ll be more than happy to publish such work.

Our Readers

Our articles cater to fitness enthusiasts, especially those who believe in fitness equipment to help produce a strong and durable body. Your article can be aimed at any gender, age, or such groups, but be sure to mention your target audience’s demographics in the title.

Article Content Requirements

  • Articles must only include original content.
  • All articles must come with a short summary that can be displayed on the blog site.
  • Articles must have valid and reliable sources, while being informative of the topic chosen
  • The word count for the article should be between 650 to 1200 words.
  • Appropriate subheadings to help understand the article better are appreciated.
  • The title must be appropriate to the article, while grabbing the attention of the reader
  • When referencing a particular study, research, or an individual, do provide a link to the source.
  • Write in an engaging and friendly tone
  • Articles should not include grammatical or even typing errors, while maintaining proper publication standards.
  • You may include a small author bio at the end of the article if you so wish to.

Article Format Requirements

  • Your article must be submitted in a Word or a Text file
  • Use the bold feature as rarely as possible
  • No overusing exclamation points, or all capital letters
  • Paragraphs to be separated with a single empty line

Article Guidelines

  • When writing an article be sure to include information on how to act on the advice that you’ve provided.
  • Elaborate on the solution you’ve provided, include more information than simply stating a fact. For example, instead of stating how effective a good dietary plan is to losing weight, elaborate on how and why it’s effective.
  • Include sources, your article won’t be as valid if it only includes one perspective and one opinion. Including statistics on your topic of choice can help improve the reliability of your article.

Once you’ve finished your article, as well submitted it, we’ll go through it to look out for our requirements, and if there is no issue present, we’ll be able to publish the article as soon as possible. If you enjoy the process, you can keep submitting as many articles as you’d like to. Sharing such insights is what we enjoy about such blogs, and we’d love to keep hearing from you.

Ready to submit your article already? Contact us with a short summary of your article and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can or mail us at john@healthoclock.net.