Best Inversion Tables 2018 – Inversion Table Reviews and Comparison

When the weight of the body is inverted, (which is not the norm) the joints in your body tighten, and the back muscles will expand to support the inversion thereby relieving back pains. There is a variety of inversion products for therapy including inversion chairs. The fastest way to relieve back pain is through the use of the best inversion table since you are all the way upside down.

This therapy is a process that should be taken seriously especially by those who have restricting body conditions. Before purchasing a table, it is important that you know your health status so that you can be sure that you are eligible for this practice. Your weight is another issue, is your table able to support your weight? Checking the duration to be inverted is also crucial.

There are many things that people do not quite grasp about best inversion tables which are what this article aims to shed light on. Sit tight as we venture into the world of inversion tables and help find the best one for you.

Best Inversion Table Reviews by Experts

Here is the list of best performing inversion table recommended by Healthoclock’s expert’s teams. Take a look at an individual inversion table model below and choose the best inversion tables for you with ease.

Product Name
Inverting Position
Our Rating
Teeter EP-960
180 Degrees
Innova ITM4800
180 Degrees
Ironman Gravity 4000
180 Degrees
Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic
180 Degrees
Exerpeutic Inversion Table
180 Degrees

Best Inversion Table 2018 – Our Recommendations!

Here are some best inversion table quick recommendations reviewed by Health o’Clock Fitness Team.

#1 Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table

Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table Review

With its ever-increasing popularity over the years, this inversion table has been known to elevate your inversion experience while at the same time giving you endurance and strengths. This particular brand has no doubt dominated the industry because of its affordable price and advanced features.

The inversion table is great because it can handle weight up to 300lbs. It has unmatched comfort and support because of the wrap around ankle cups that fit perfectly and enables maximum stretching to get the much-needed relief. With this inversion table, you have total control due to the precision rotation that enables you to effortlessly move your body weight swiftly to the position you want.

You do not need to worry about your security when using this inversion table because the manufacturers ensured that the materials used were extremely reliable like the cam locks, auto-locking hinges and specialized pivot bearing which makes the table durable.

The inversion table is also ideal because it is very easy to use and has a trustworthy performance and a warranty for five years. For people who have difficulties bending to reach their angles, the EP-960 has an ankle system with a triple lock that gives the user an easy to reach the solution.

#2 Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion

Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Review

Offering massage and heat, this inversion table is a great and effective solution for chronic lower pain and other problems since it gives a rejuvenating inversion therapy. The advanced inversion tables aim to give you tension relief and so it has incorporated multi-mode massage settings that have both manual and auto selection which give you the ultimate massage experience.

It also features a large foam comfort backrest and a pillow that is padded and has soft foam handles. For easy and safe positioning, it has four position adjustable safety pins to position at varying inversion angles. In addition, it has an ankle cup system which has pull pin adjustments that hold the ankles securely and comfortably.

It has a frame that that is heavily built on steel and is designed to fold to ensure easy storage when the table is not in use. Because of how cheap it is and its advanced features, this is definitely something you should consider especially if you have consistent back problems.

#3 IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table Review

This is one of the best inversion tables that stimulates circulation and reduces back stress for many users. It is built with an extremely large and wide tubular steel frame that can support users of up to 350 pounds. It also has a powder coated finish frame which gives it more durability and reduces the risk of rust and scratches.

The ankle locking system is also excellent because it has a heel holder which reduces any form of discomfort and fatigue that could be experienced. You can also adjust the lock around your ankle comfortably without bending over too much.

You might wanna look at the cardio workout machine i.e the best spin bike 2018.

For added comfort, this inversion table has a memory foam vinyl backrest to give the user the best time. They offer a unique range of motion that enables you to reach angles that will give you maximum benefits when exercising and you can also rapidly switch to another exercise when you please.

It is packed with unique and comfort features that relax your muscles and enhance your experience. Due to its high-quality memory paddings, the inversion table is very comfortable and relatively easy to use and offers support throughout your exercise. The inversion table, like many others, can be easily folded meaning that storage is not a big problem when you own one in your home.

#4 Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Exercise Back Reflexology

Inversion Table Pro Deluxe Fitness Chiropractic Exercise Back Reflexology Review

This is the perfect solution for people who are looking to soothe lower back discomfort and pressure on the nerves at a relatively low price without necessarily compromising on the quality. It has an appeal to many people because the quality stands out and the experience you get from using this inversion table is beyond satisfying.

With a weight capacity of 300 lbs, this table can clearly accommodate the needs of the majority of people who are looking to lessen pain, eliminate fatigue and stimulate their blood circulation at the same time. This sleek inversion table is made from a heavy-duty steel frame and can also be adjustable to suit people of different heights.

The table also is designed with a three position roller hinge that technically provides control during rotation and a padded ankle clamp to hold you in a specific place and angle.

The versatility of this inversion table is simply incredible as it gives you a rich inverting experience. The assembly is very easy as it takes less than an hour to put all parts together and also has a one year guarantee even on its parts.

#5 Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest Review

This inversion table is something that will appeal to you the moment you lay your eyes on it. It has loads of amazing features, and the design is also unique and well thought out. With a sturdy construction and a heavy duty frame, the table can hold a maximum of persons with 300 pounds. It can also slide easily into multiple angles and different height adjustments.

There are adjustable tether straps that ensure safe and easy inversions. The backrest is one of the most outstanding features of the Exerpeutic inversion table because it countered nicely and conformed to the user’s body.

The foam rollers, thick foam padding, and the ankle cushions offer the perfect support during inversion. By relieving pressure mainly on the ligaments and vertebrae discs, the inversion table helps in most cases to reduce back stress and improves body flexibility and performance.

Generally, the inversion table lasts for quite a long time and barely has any scratches because of the powder coated finish which is scratch resistant. It has a straightforward manual that you can use during set up, and it even comes with the tools that are needed for proper assembly.

What is an Inversion table?

An inversion table is mainly known as equipment that helps people hang upside down by supporting themselves through the ankles or legs. It is, however, crucial to note the uses of this device. So many individuals in the world are suffering from back pain and tension in their body muscles and joints. Through this very natural therapy, many people get re-energized and their pains relieved.

Inversion therapy has been around for many years, and so many devices have been utilized. The best one yet has been the table that has proved efficient and effective. There are many brands, and each has unique features that set the table apart. Exercise is an integral part of human existence, and the inversion table aims to help you move around with more energy and a relaxed body.

The table is tall; to accommodate most people’s heights since your head should be suspended in air. It is also easy to store and is portable since most can disassemble and you erect them when you need the therapy. It is imperative that when trying this kind of treatment, you have the right table to facilitate the exercise. Get all the proper medical clearances and adhere to the set limits.

Why is an inversion table imperative?

Inversion Table Reviews

While many may not see the immediate need for an inversion table, those who do reap the benefits of this therapy. An inversion table is necessary because it is an excellent way to help you exercise the body. It will not only relieve pain from the bank but also relaxes the joints in the body.

The flexibility of the body is also important, and this therapy helps your body get more flexible and relaxed. It is an important device to have for exercises from time to time, and a good table is necessary for safety purposes. It is important to strap in properly to avoid falling off the table.

Many people believe that when you hang upside down, you allow blood to flow smoothly and faster to your brain. If the other reasons for an inversion table do not convince you, then use this idea. Strap onto the table and allow the quick, uninterrupted flow of blood to your brain. You may come up with the best ideas while inverted.

Who should use an inversion table?

Anyone in any age bracket is legible to use the inversion table. The only limitations for using the table are health and weight related. Even when you do not have back pains, it is still important to indulge in the exercise of the strength and health of your body.
There are specific conditions that restrict the use of the table. When you have eye diseases, especially glaucoma, it is best to keep away from this therapy. People who are expectant or have High blood pressure, diabetes and any heart conditions are gravely discouraged from using the inversion table as it is not safe for them.
When it comes to age, people of different ages can try this therapy since it is easy and painless. The only catch is that you ought to have a doctor check you out first to ensure that you do not have any of the conditions mentioned above. You should also avoid practicing any inversion while alone and make sure you are under the supervision of a profession.

How to use an inversion table

Best Inversion Table 2018It is crucial to understand how the table works and how best to use it so that it is effective and to prevent any chances of injuries. The best and easiest way to use it is to understand the following easy steps that ensure your safety and the excellent performance of this exercise.

• Assemble your table in an area that is not crowded, a little silence will also be great to calm your mind.

It is preferable if you would engage in this therapy in an open space that has ample space for the machine and free movement. It is both reliable and secure. The empty area around the table should be at least five feet. The basement or the attic are great areas for this device however if you have empty rooms in your house, you can dedicate one to the table.
It is also vital that you get a beautiful rug to place the table on. Since the materials that make the table are smooth, it is susceptible to sliding which could be fatal. A mat will keep the table grounded and secure while you invert yourself on it.

• Adjust the table

Once the table is assembled, adjust it to your height or to the height that you wish to start with comfortably. The use of the table is not just to invert, but you can also lay face up depending, on the kind of therapy you need as well as the adjustments on your table. Your level of experience also determines the degree of adjustment as newbies are discouraged from inclining all the way down. It is advisable, to begin with, the flat face up adjustment and slowly eases into the total inversion.

• Understand the limitations

Once you have carefully read the instructions on assembling and adjusting, it is vital that before strapping in, you should know what the limitations of using the table are. Find out the limit weight and conditions that do not allow the utilization of this therapy. It is worth noting that there is a maximum amount of time that you can hang from the table. Adhering to these period limitations is crucial.

Do not push your body to spend 20 or more minutes on the table during your first trial since it is unnecessary stress on your body. Ease your body into it and let it find its rhythm on the inversion table.

• Secure your feet once you climb on the table

Once you are on the table, the first thing you need to do is fasten your feet. When you are faced up, sit up and secure your feet on the table. Ensure that the hold is tight enough and also comfortable for you.

During your first few trials, it is preferable that someone watches you and helps you with securing your feet, mounting, dismounting and even adjusting the angle of inversion. Make sure that the straps hold your ankles firmly. Important to note, having shoes on is more comfortable.

• Plan your sessions

It is important that from the get-go; you have a clear schedule of how many times a week you need to be on the table and how you will gradually lengthen your duration. Find the angle that works for you too and do not over strain your body. A 20-60 degree angle is excellent.

Weight capacity limit

Most of the best inversion tables can easily support a weight capacity of between 260-350lbs. This does not, however, mean that those heavier than that have no solutions; there are mechanical inversion tables that support more weight but are more expensive.

How long is it safe to hang?

Inversion TableMany people every day are pushing their bodies to more limits, and according to medical practitioners, there is a recommended time that one should use the table. For beginners, two minutes is a good time since your body needs to adjust to the inversion and then slowly build up from there. Do not push your limits; slowly ease into the process by gradually adjusting the angle and duration of your workouts until you can hold for the desired period without any strains.
Most people who are not new to this process hang up to 15 minutes and as regularly as twice a day. It does not mean that choosing at least three days a week is too little time. Listen to your body and consider your experience level, this will help avoid a lot of injuries and ease you into the process.

Advantages of an Inversion Table

An inversion table has many benefits to those who use them. Most of them are health benefits, and others are psychological. It is surprisingly very easy to attain complete calmness when hanging upside down. These advantages include:

I. It eases back pain by using gravity and creates traction that expands your back muscles and allows room for your spine, nerves and disc muscles that were compressed to decompress.
II. It can be used by kidney stone patients since it has been found to help the body let out the stones
III. It is an excellent way to ensure rapid and uninterrupted blood circulation to the brain
IV. It is an easy and painless exercise that can help you relax

Choosing The Best Inversion Table

Quality is the first value that any customer looks for before purchasing any product. Yes, some go for the price tag first, but it is important that you get a good product that will give excellent service. Choosing the best inversion table is easy when you know what you need. Some of the things that should inform your decision are:

I. Safety

Your safety should be integral and the basis for any decisions you make, therefore, ensure that the inversion table of choice is safe. Check to see that the straps are strong enough. It is important that the table has an instruction manual to make it easy to use.

II. Durability

Product information relays all these details, and it is in your best interest to check the durability of the machine. Do not spend money on a device that will break down faster than it took to assemble. The best inversion table has a fantastic durability period. This is usually guaranteed by the warranty and material used in making it.

III. Brand

To some people, the brand is everything. If it is a recognized brand, then it is easy to trust. With the rise of counterfeit products in the market, it is important that you stick to brands that you know and trust. We got that covered in the review section; trust the products above for a safe inversion session.

IV. Price

If the table that you find does not fit within your price range, then it’s time to move on to one that matches the weight of your pocket. Watch your finances and plan them well as you still get quality products.

V. Comfort

This is another crucial consideration that you must have. An uncomfortable inversion table is, to say the least, dangerous and will be defeating the whole purpose of inverting. Check that the table is comfortable for you before taking it home. The frame too, should not be flimsy unless you want to fall off, head first (yikes!).

VI. Look at reviews

When you are looking for products online, it is always easy to know what kind of a product it is from the reviews that it gets from other users. Even when buying from stores, you can look up the products and make a decision based on the experiences of other users.


Many people opt for inversion therapy since it’s easier and better than going through surgery. However, when you have back pains, it is vital that you consult a physician or a chiropractor to give you a way forward. Do not self-treat by getting an inversion table because in some severe cases, the inversion table will do more harm than good.

When it comes to getting an inversion table, it is important to get the right table that works for your height, weight, and needs. The best invertible tables have high ratings in the market and great features which ensure comfort and safety throughout the process.

That said, practice inversion for your health just do it safely.

20 replies to Best Inversion Tables 2018 – Inversion Table Reviews and Comparison

  1. I am curious, what is the secret behind inversion tables? How do inversion tables work?

    • Inversion tables are designed to enable you to flip over safely without the fear of being hurt. They work in conjunction with the pull of gravity by allowing the gravity to pull your body while in the head first position. Since the legs are usually safe and tightly fastened to the inversion tables, your joints, muscles as well as the spinal cord stretch while the gravity pulls acts to compress the joints.

  2. I hear that you can perform exercises while inverted. Is this true? What exercises are recommended during inversion?

    • First, you should be aware that there are different types of inversions that can be performed. During partial inversions, you can be able to stretch gently by crossing one of your arms to the opposite side and gripping the table frame. You can also engage yourself in exercises that help loosen your muscles while stretching the spine. At this position, you can rotate your head so that you can relieve stress in the neck area.

      It is advisable that you exercise on full inversion only when you are already accustomed to the exercise. This helps you to avoid sore muscles that could cause discomfort after the exercises. You can also do the inverted crunches that involve placing your hands on your chest then lifting the torso area slightly halfway your body probably to your knee area.

      Additionally, sit-ups can be done comfortably during inversion as your back’s safety is fully guaranteed. There is absolutely no strain on your back and this makes the exercise comfortable. The inverted squats are part of the exercises that you can also perform while on inversion tables. They are good for exercising and strengthening your leg muscles.

      Moreover, you can also perform back extensions that involve placing your hands over your shoulder to grab the frame of the bed. Thereafter you push your body away from the bed thereby achieving a full back extension exercise that is also equally great for both your hand and leg muscles.

  3. My legs are a little swollen due to poor blood circulation. Does inversion work help in draining blood from the lower limbs?

    • During inversion, the blood can be able to move freely from your legs up the torso to the heart. This is one of the exercises that has been known for improving blood circulation in the human body. Fresh oxygen that might have earlier been unable to move from the heart to lower parts of the body can easily circulate the body during blood circulation. This, in turn, freshens up the body.

      The concept of improved blood circulation is behind the relieving of varicose veins that inversion has been known for in the recent past. Varicose veins are often caused by the congestion of blood movements in a one-way direction which causes veins to swell and become painful. This accumulated pressure gets relieved during inversion exercises and the accumulated blood is easily cleared up thereafter.

  4. I want to start inverting but I’m not sure if I’m eligible. Are there exceptions on who should not use inversion tables?

    • There are several benefits that have been associated with inversion exercises that include but are not limited to relieve back pains and varicose veins. Muscles are also well exercised thus become stronger. The circulation of blood and therefore oxygen to body organs is also improved by inversion exercises. Despite these benefits, there are people who should not invert unless recommended by a physician.

      These are people with different medical conditions such as those using anticoagulants as part of their medication. This is because they are at risk of blood circulation problems and inversion could adversely affect them.

      Additionally, people who might have had fractures in the past or who have been diagnosed to as having weak bones should not invert. This is because they might risk more complications and fractures during inversion exercises.

      Additionally, people suffering from glaucoma and conjunctivitis are also advised not to invert unless their physicians recommend so. Moreover, pregnant women, high blood pressure patients as well as those who might have suffered strokes before should also not invert.

  5. Is it safe for people with fused vertebrae to invert?

    • It might be safe for some post-fusion patients to invert as their muscles are strengthened and thus they become physically fit. However, due to the presence of a variety of fusion surgeries, it is safe that every fusion surgery patient who wishes to invert to consult a doctor before inverting.

  6. I have heard a rumor that inverting helps cure some medical conditions such as migraines. Do inversion tables cure migraines and headaches?

    • Inversion exercises work towards helping most of your body muscles and joints to exercise. While they may not entirely cure migraines and headaches, most people have found out that the frequency of occurrence of the headaches reduces. However, it is advisable that you do not invert in cases where you are having a migraine or a headache since the claim has not been medically proved and that may worsen your situation.

  7. I inverted a few days ago and now I’m in pain especially on my back. Is it normal to have backaches after inversion exercises?

    • Inverting in the right and recommended manner has not been associated with any after pains. In case you are experiencing pain after inverting, there could be several causes of the pain. It could be possible that you did too much inversion very soon. It is advisable that you stop whenever you feel the inversion is enough and that you could be straining your body.

      Additionally, you might have come back upright too fast such that you did not let the muscles adjust. The pain could be as a result of the sudden pressure that the nerves experienced. If you experience pain for the first time after a number of inversions, it is advisable that you visit a doctor as it could be a medical condition.

  8. I have a problem with my back and I am inclined to try solving it by inverting. Do inversions help in case of a bulged disc?

    • The pull of gravity that is experienced during inversion helps your vertebrae to separate thus reducing the pressure that could have been exerted on the discs. The space created in between the vertebrae could encourage the disc to return to their rightful positions. However, you should consult a doctor first before inverting for such medical related reasons.

  9. As I was inverting the other day, my whole face turned red and I started feeling a lot of pressure on my head. Is this normal?

    • This is an indicator of increased blood flow to your head; brain, eyes as well as your hair. The feeling of so much pressure is observed to lessen with time as you get used to inversions. It is okay to rest once you have experienced this feeling. Oscillations can help you get accustomed to the inversion exercises.

  10. I want to start inverting but I’m afraid of getting a stroke. Is this true? Do inversions increase the risks of getting strokes?

    • Inversions, on the contrary, are recommended for keeping fit and avoiding such blood circulatory diseases such as strokes. Researchers have concluded that you will be stroke-prone if you exercise in an upright position as compared to exercising when inverted. The body is equipped with mechanisms that ensure you don’t get hurt when you hang in an upside down position.

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