7 Things your trainer will keep from you

One of the main reasons why people hire a personal trainer is to make sure they reach their fitness goals. It is often reported that people stop working out because they lack the motivation that is required to complete their goals. The best thing about training with them is that they can make workouts fun while ensuring that the exercises are safe and effective. Trainers are frequently used by athletes and celebrities because they don’t have a background in fitness programming.

Though it is true that having a personal trainer is expensive, and even then there is no guarantee that they are telling you everything they know about fitness. While they make sure that your workout doesn’t suffer but there are things that you should know but don’t. Here are a few things you should know before hiring one to guide you through your workouts.

  1. They believe “one size fits all”.

The reason we hire a personal trainer is that they will create a tailor-made workout program for us. Only a few experts understand that not everyone is the same, and will take time to adjust to a workout plan.

Surprisingly, it is not always like that. They sometimes develop a workout plan which worked great for others, but they often forget that it might not produce the same results for everyone. If you feel that a certain workout isn’t working out for you then it is probably time to talk to your trainer.

  1. “Sabotage” is okay.

Quite often it happens that your trainer will not tell you that they are quietly “sabotaging” your workouts. This does not necessarily mean that they don’t want you to achieve your goals, it means that you might need their services a little longer than you normally would.

It is vital to remember that you only pay them till you need them, after that they have to start searching for new clients. To prevent that from happening before they have already found new clients, they try to obstruct your program by letting you cheat on your diet.

  1. Their certification is useless.

It is important to note that out of all the personal trainers in a gym, not all are certified. In some cases, even if the trainer is certified, their certificate is worthless.

There are several agencies that offer certificates to personal trainers, to graduate the program you will not even need to show any kind of workout. Even though your trainer is certified from a reputed university there is no guarantee that he knows all about fitness and nutrition.

  1. Injuries could be possible.

If you have a good trainer who has a complete knowledge of fitness and health then this will not be an issue. If your trainer has not gone through enough training then he might probably not be able to warn you of any danger and it might lead to an injury.

A good trainer will guide you throughout the workout session and will keep you informed about how to do a certain exercise without harming yourself.

  1. This doesn’t have to be expensive.

People have a basic notion that if they hire a personal trainer they will charge you a lot. Not many people know that there are ways to get your trainer to charge you less. Some of the tips that you can follow to get your trainer to charge you less are asking for a group discount or asking them to train you outside the gym.

  1. You really don’t need supplements.

Supplements should be taken when you are looking to gain muscles. Addition of supplements in your diet helps your muscles develop faster. It also gets you acquitted of the workout session that is made to reach your true fitness goals.

  1. Don’t sign without reading.

It often happens that clients sign the agreement without reading it. A lot of trainers will also support this behavior. Many times people pay the initial fee without reading the contract which is not advisable. Taking time to read the contract ensures that you get what you are paying for and protects your privacy.

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