10 Incredible Fitness Freaks You Should Be Following on Instagram!

Don’t have enough motivation to lug your way toward the gym? Why not try and follow a few of our favorite fitness instagrammers who kickass regularly when it comes to keeping their health in check while owning eight pack abdominal muscles like they were born with it.

While going through heavy diet and fitness novels can be time-consuming and hard enough to follow through, Instagram offers you fitness motivation at the touch of a button. While motivating you, these videos offer a breakdown of simple exercises that you can carry out by yourself as well, no need to invest an extra amount on a very professional personal trainer, you could just get one of the gym trainers to check your form and you’re done.

This list includes individuals who are, according to us, the best at motivating, as well providing workout videos, to the general, idle young adult, with less time in their hands. It’s a subjective list based on our own deductions on what makes a fitness instragrammer interactive enough to follow.

Check them out, and hopefully get inspired enough to hit the gym sometime this week.

Top 10 Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram


sirstyleAn LA-based fitness trainer, Style Bell updates his account 3-4 times a week, with at least on the posts pertaining to workout routines. A dog lover, as well as a humanitarian, he brings positivity into all of his posts, providing quotes that inspire you to take part in his body transformation programs. Most of his videos, that aren’t pertaining to workout techniques, also include a motivational monolog that will fill you up with enough adrenaline to go visit the gym.

If you’re one who requires such a sunny disposition to be motivated enough to go to the gym, SirStyle is the account for you.


jamesalexanderellisA WBFF Professional, James Alexander Ellis is an expert when it comes to understanding poses to show off your well-built physique, so much so that he works as a posing coach as well. His Instagram, including a few workout videos, mainly consists of different poses and is the perfect account to follow if you need any motivation to build more muscle. He keeps updating on body building competitions, including his own professional input, something that helps you understand the inner workings of the building aspect of it.

So if you’re one who requires motivation to build muscle, his is a good account to follow as you observe his muscle mass and personal as well as a professional outlook on it.



An upcoming phenomenon on fitness, Joe Wicks, a.k.a the body coach, has inspired millions in practicing fitness techniques as well as meals that can help you recuperate to a healthier lifestyle as well as body. With three books already published, this bestselling author has motivated enough people with his specialized 90-day and 30-day workout guides.

On Instagram, he keeps updating workout videos of techniques you can follow at home, without any specific equipment, as well as showcasing videos on the few recipes he’s mentioned in his books. Adding on, he promotes pictures of the individuals who have followed his 90-day as well as 30-day workouts in a before and after format, interacting with the community well enough. Pictures like this are perfect to give you a quantitative idea (considering how they include the length of time required to achieve that transition) of how you will be able to transform your body.

Joe Wicks himself is a very exhilarating individual, as his videos suggest, energizing you as you browse through his Instagram. If you’d prefer a 360-degree transformation, including diet, workout, etc., all at home, you should definitely follow him.



A Parisian, Sonia Tlev has had a good enough physique all her life, but a healthy physique is what interested her enough to start her journey into fitness training. A personal trainer now, she loved how it changed her overall lifestyle as well as her everyday mindset.

Currently, she’s launched around four separate guides on fitness, two of them in relation to workout, while the other two relate to nutrition and diet. All of these available in five different languages.

Her Instagram includes dietary guides, even recipes, workout videos, with techniques specifically catering to improving your butt shape as well, and transformation pictures of her followers, again showing how they’ve improved as they followed through with the fitness guides through weeks. Adding on to that, her Instagram also includes workout related memes, something you can associate with as you keep following her routines.

If you’re the type of individual who wants to get immersed into a healthy lifestyle, following her Instagram will help you completely as you obsess over health-related stuff.



This Australian beauty is a global ambassador for Reebok, and has started a F.I.T program for women of all ages and body sizes, starting off with a full body fitness program moving on, with two separate guides, to legs and thighs and abs and core, while also including a nutrition and diet plan, all approved by a professional nutritionist.

Her Instagram highlights workout techniques while also including how many sets are appropriate for everybody. Considering her job as a fitness trainer, most of her workout techniques include gym equipment, but they’re all perfectly organized for you to follow at the gym as you consult with a gym-provided trainer. A social individual, you can also find routines that you can practice with a friend as well as your significant other. Having worked with Anthony Joshua as well as Dwyane Johnson, she’s the trainer you want to follow.

If you’re the type of person who likes to go to the gym quite often, following her Instagram will improve your experience.



An Instagram account for the Hayabusa Training Facility, their Instagram includes videos of individuals practicing boxing, functional as well as plyometric training. Most of what they practice is gym-related training, but it motivates you enough to be more liable to try something new every time you go to the gym, something that helps you burn fat and build muscle faster.

If you’re interested in trying new things, following this Instagram will help boost your adrenaline enough to go through with it.



A personal trainer at The Hollywood Trainer Club, Jeanette Jenkins has produced several workout DVDs as well as written 2 books on healthy living and fitness training.

She updates workout videos of herself on Instagram, including her general workout plan in the caption section, helping you plan your own workout routine. Her workouts can be practiced either in the gym or at home, it’s all based on your own choice. She includes quotes as well as dietary recipes and plans to invigorate your social media experience.

If you’re one to fluctuate between going to the gym and merely performing the exercises at home itself, following her Instagram will be of great help.



Ne-Yo’s personal Trainer, Curtis Williams publishes workout videos regulary. Adding on, he was a NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, New York Jets. Now he’s the owner of Training C.A.M.P., a premier sports performance coaching institution, available in L.A. and nationwide.

His Instagram includes workout videos you can perform in the gym for full body muscle benefit, but specialising in athletic training, to improve your endurance, strength, and stamina. Including quotes as well, he promotes his outdoor training camp dates here as well.

If you’re here to build an athletic endurance his Instagram is the perfect motivation.



A fitness guru of his own right, Keoni Hudoba is a Barrys Bootcamp trainer, preaching fitness for health. He’s also the co-founder of cycfitness, a music driven indoor cycling experience found in New York, Austin, Boston, and Madison.

His Instagram features a Monday motivation video every week, with a move of the day to be practised that day itself. Having to perform such a strenuous move merely once a week can help motivate you to work out less heavily throughout the rest of the week.

If you’re the type of person who keeps getting demotivated at the start of every week, his Instagram will keep reminding you to get back on track.



An up and coming personal trainer in her own right, Lina updates her Instagram with pictures of herself as well as including videos of her workout routine to help accommodate as well as motivate you to keep going. Hers is the type of body you would want to have as you struggle to work out regularly. Browsing through her Instagram might just help you get re-acquainted to your own hope to reach that level of fitness.

If you need reminding once in a while of what you want to achieve, her Instagram is the one to follow.

Now that you have around 10 fitness experts to ‘consult’ on Instagram, you’ll be regularly reminded to go to the gym as you browse through the app, which in turn will lead to you giving in and exercising at least twice a week. Wouldn’t that just be wonderful enough to bring your body to a healthier shape as well as bringing your mindset to a healthier track?

What are your favorite Fitness Experts on Instagram? Do share with us down below in the comment section!

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